Those who select vacation apartments at Al Redentore di Venezia select “The Island on the Island”, the island where you can experience the traditional Venetian lifestyle“.

This is why the Island of Giudecca has been the choice of famous artists, inspired by its authentic feel, shroud in peace that exudes, overlooking San Marco, the heart of the City of Venice.

Small shops where you can “grocery shop” like deli meats, bread, fruits and vegetables, the classic Osteria where you can try “l’ombra ed il cicchetto’ or the now famous Venetian “Spritz” and the trattoria that overlook the Giudecca Canal where you can sample lots of Venetian specialities.

And don’t forget the chance to enjoy the views of the City from the nearby Mulino Stucky where you can enjoy a cool drink and dinner at the famous Harry’s Dolci or at one of the most famous hotels in the world, Hotel Cipriani.