Welcome to “Al Redentore” Luxury apartments

Al Redentore Luxury apartments

The luxury apartments at Al Redentore di Venezia are near the Chiesa del Redentore and the Chiesa delle Zitelle, designed and built by Palladioin the heart of the quiet Giudecca in the perfect…

Luxury apartments at Al Redentore di Venezia, practical and peaceful on ”the Island on the Island”...

Al Redentore Luxury apartments

On the island of Giudecca, the new, luxury apartments for holidays at
Al Redentore di Venezia are ready to welcome you to the magical ambiance of the “Island on the Island”.

Giudecca, the real island of Venice, is the result of years of history and religion, the sacred and the profane. It is a place where enchanting lagoon landscapes are paired with the breathtaking view of Piazza San Marco, the Palazzo Ducale, the island of San Giorgio and the historic Punta della Dogana.

Al Redentore di Venezia is a block of Apartments remotely managed by Hotel Ai Reali, therefore not featuring a reception desk on spot.
For this main reason it is fundamental all check-in procedures are accomplished prior to arrival. For privacy and security reasons, the guests can access the apartment by using an application that must be installed on the smartphone.


Those who select vacation apartments at Al Redentore di Venezia select “The Island on the Island”, the island where you can experience the traditional Venetian lifestyle”. This is why the…

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